We are strong believers in continuing education- for the rider and for the horse. As our lesson programs are tailored to each rider as an individual, our training programs for the horse are as well. Each horse is unique; they come with their own way of going, their own personalities and their own learning styles. As we develop a relationship with our horses- we come to learn the way to communicate which each of them and how to maximize their work time. Programs range from 1 ride a week to full training board depending on your horse’s needs.  Whether your focus is in the hunter, jumper or dressage ring- we have the capabilities to give your horse the education you are looking for. Poplar Ridge Equestrian prides ourselves on our ability to give every horse and rider pair the education to be successful long term.


Problems may arise in a horses training that sometimes get overlooked. This can prove to cause even bigger problems down the road. Many horses that have come to Poplar Ridge have come with some sort of ‘baggage’; that required breaking down their education and starting them over with the basics. Establishing a good relationship on the ground proves imperative to furthering their education in the saddle.

Carlie is the poster child for our retraining program. As one of the first horses at PRE, Carlie came with a sad foundation and a lot of baggage. Having been abused in draw reins and never getting the basic education she needed- Carlie was all sorts of backwards. She was hot and sensitive, afraid of the bit and muscled in all the wrong places. With taking her back to basics and earning her trust, Carlie became a dressage queen and found her love for the square.


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