Lili and Jack

Maddie and Hank

Lauren and Harvey

Horseback Riding Lessons

At Poplar Ridge Equestrian, our unique horseback riding lesson program gives our students opportunities to learn and grow as horseman. While we start all students the same, the program becomes tailored to the student as they begin to progress. What makes our lesson program work is the foundation we establish on the ground with our horses- respect and communication. Understanding the horse; the whys, hows and whats; this is key to a student’s success; whether its in the show ring, in the field or on a trail.

Once the safety and communication has been established on the ground- all lesson proceed depending on where the student is at in their riding level. Some students may be started on a lunge line, while a student with some training over fences may be able to start their lesson out in the arena.  Personal learning styles and goals help determine the path that our students take.

Poplar Ridge Equestrian has many horses, all of who bring something special to our lesson program. While we have the horse that you would put your grandmas on (Jack), we also have horses that take students to the big show rings (Hank). One of our newest additions is Lip (short for Phillip) who we recently imported from Canada. What’s amazing about Lip is that Bennos Hit (our dressage schoolmaster) is his sire; so he possesses many of Ben’s attributes, including his teaching skills. Lips biggest asset to our program is his ability to be a lunge line horse. As we use lunge line lessons for beginners, we also utilize the lunge lessons for all students to enhance their balance and strength. Lip is the perfect lunge line horse- never faltering, never takes a wrong step and is always dependable to be exactly the same. It is on the lunge line that students can ride without their hands or sight and really feel the horse. It is often on the lunge line that students have break through moments in their position or connection with the horse.

Whatever your need is, Poplar Ridge Equestrian has the program for you to learn and grow as a horsewo/man.

Ally Fortska

“If you have a passion for horses and riding, Poplar Ridge Equestrian is the place to be. Good for the young and old who are still young at heart. It is never late to learn new things when riding, jumping or overall care of your horse. Ashley Guinn is a great coach and teacher. She truly knows and understands the needs of each horse and rider. She makes lessons fun and supports you in reaching your riding goals. I am truly blessed and happy to be part of this amazing place.”

Barbara Scruggs

“Being part of this barn has been a wonderful and empowering experience. The facilities are first-rate, the location is beautiful, the horses are highly trained, and the training is excellent. It is a family-like, team-oriented atmosphere where we are encouraged to work hard, play hard, and given the guidance to achieve our equestrian goals.”

Carson Slosman

“Riding at Poplar Ridge has made me not only more comfortable in the saddle, but a more effective rider overall. In my 13 years of riding, I have never found an instructor quite like Ashley. She is so incredibly supportive of each of her students and knowledgeable about her craft. She and the PRE family have been so incredibly welcoming and helped to create an amazing environment that I would highly recommend to an equestrian of any skill level.”