Our Mission

Through intuition, patience, and experience we provide an environment that cultivates relationships with horses.

Our Story

Starting a business is no small feat. Starting a horse business is daunting. Ashley and AJ threw the idea around of starting their own lesson program for over a year. There were pros and cons, exciting possibilities and scary ones. By the end of the summer of 2015, they decided to go for it. Both Ashley and AJ were starting their life together and getting out of their current careers, so what better thing to do than start a business together.

After a lot of searching, they happened to stumble upon a piece of land on Walnut Creek. That was it, without a doubt. Once the contract went underway, the business started too. Finding horses and equipment, fencing the property in, changing the land; every little thing needed to turn the land into a horse farm started happening, quickly. Poplar Ridge Equestrian was underway.

After a couple months of prepping, it was time for the students to start making their appearance. This was where the philosophy behind Poplar Ridge started to come alive—horsemanship. The students put their heart and time into helping get things ready. The horses received attention even though they were not being ridden yet. They became apart of the barn.

Horsemanship is the focus behind everything we do. You cannot be a great rider if you are not a horseman first. Learning the horse itself, how they think, why they do what they do and the necessity for mutual respect cultivates a relationship. Then that relationship translates under saddle and creates great riders. As students progress, they tend to find themselves and become stronger, more confident human beings. Poplar Ridge Equestrian is about creating that relationship between the horse and rider and allowing students to grow.